Everything you need to know for 2018 Tackle

Updated Monday May 7, 2018 by Ariel Leonard .

Dear Lower Cape Bluefins Families,

The Lower Cape Bluefin’s Football Association is excited to welcome you to the 2018 Tackle Season.  We pride ourselves and our programs to encourage and foster local youth to have fun, learn teamwork, sportsmanship and competition while building lasting community relationships.

In order for the organization to comply with the rules and regulations of our league (The Old Colony Youth Football League or OCYFL) there is mandatory paperwork and information that we need to have completed before your child can begin the season.  Please do your best to provide us with all paperwork and information in a timely manner as deadlines are mandated by the league.


Practices will start in August, we practice 3 days a week. The schedule has not yet been determined.  The practice schedule will change with the start of the 2018 school year. Bluefins practices are generally held at the Nauset Middle School Field starting at 5:15 and run roughly 2 hours.


The Lower Cape Bluefins Varsity home games are generally split between Nauset High School and Monomoy High School and are on Sunday’s. The Junior Varsity games are held on Saturday’s; games vary between Nauset High School, Monomoy High School and on occasion Cape Cod Tech.

We travel; we are a member of the OCYFL and travel within the towns in our division.


• Players are expected to be leaders in their school and community. Players are expected to set proper examples both in school and on the field. Players are expected to be on their best behavior at all events involving the LC Bluefins.

• Players are expected to do their best in school as that is their top priority, exceptionally low grades can result in suspension from the program.  We encourage players to take pride in their education and maintain their academics throughout the season.

• Obscene language, bullying and or poor sportsmanship will not be permitted and may result in suspension from practices, games and in extreme circumstances the program.


• Parents are expected to be supportive and encouraging of their players and others.

• Parents are expected to help the organization by being prompt, polite and understanding as there is a great deal of work put into each season.  Certain things are required by the league in order to play such as paperwork and mandatory meetings and practices.

• All parents are required to volunteer on the sidelines, in the snack bar, at the gate or to clean up the field a minimum of 2 games per season.

By signing your player up you acknowledge that they are in good physical condition and have medical clearance from their primary physician to participate in tackle football.

**This program is run by volunteers and we can always use help including in our equipment shed organizing preseason and post season.

Mandatory Paperwork:

Birth Certificate - Please supply a copy of your child’s birth certificate. (You DO NOT need to supply this if you have already supplied in the past) unless you requested it back.

OCYFL Concussion Form – This must be completed in order to participate. ( we will provide parents with this) but it can be found on the OCYFL web site as well please, print, sign and return to us.

Parent Consent/waiver- MUST be signed and returned to us prior to any player participation.

Payment and Equipment:

LC Bluefins 2018 Tackle Season:

Pre-Registration $200.00 till June 15th

Registration $240.00 (June 15th – September 1, 2018)

This fee includes the use of:

*Practice jersey

*Game pants

*Game jersey’s (home & away)


*Shoulder Pads

All MUST be returned at the end of the season.  A security deposit of $100.00 is required at equipment handouts.

**All players are responsible for supplying their own cleats. Cleats must be plastic bottom and cannot have removable spikes.

Players may supply their own equipment; the registration fee remains the same.


Scholarships are available for players and can range from partial to full support depending on the need. You must contact Arielle Leonard or Ashley Cole regarding scholarship requests.

We do ask that you support the program as much as possible and we can arrange to make a payment plan if necessary.

Weight Policy:

The weight policy is set by the OCYFL and the football program consists of three different Divisions:

Midget, Pee Wee, and Mite.

The Divisions are organized around both age and weight requirements (see requirement levels).


Age - No Midget player shall attain the age of fifteen (15) prior to November 15th of the current year.

Weight - At the official, scheduled weigh-in, the maximum weight will not exceed 160 pounds.

Pee Wee:

Age - No Pee Wee player shall attain the age of twelve (12) prior to July 1st .

Weight - At the official, scheduled weigh-in, the maximum weight will not exceed 130 pounds.


Age - No Mite player shall attain the age of ten (10) prior to July 1st,

 Weight - At the official, scheduled weigh-in, the maximum weight will not exceed 105 pounds.

**All players are weighed by the league at the beginning of the season and that weigh-in is MANDATORY. That cannot be missed.

Annual Raffle:

Our program is run on registration fees, sponsorships, donations, and our annual raffle. 

All players are required to sell a minimum of 10 raffle tickets. By signing up your player for the 2018 season you automatically acknowledge your responsibility and role in this; agreeing to sell the minimum raffle tickets as required. 

2018 Refund Policy:

All requests must be submitted in writing to attention of:  Ashley Cole either via email at lowercapebluefins@msn.com submitted in person or mailed to:

                                                    Lower Cape Bluefins

                                                              PO. Box 415

                          South Harwich, MA 02661

All refunds are subject to the following conditions.  All property and equipment must be returned. Any costs associated with unreturned equipment will be deducted from the refund.  Request must be filed prior to July 31, 2018 to receive a full refund. Request made after July 31, 2018 are not eligible for a refund. Any player unable to participate as a result of a weight disqualification at the master weigh-in will receive a full refund.

General Information:

All of our coaching staff is volunteer and do have to participate in basic football concussion education. All coaches are required to have completed a recent CORI. Each team will have a head coach to contact with individual questions.  We encourage all families to use the Sports Illustrated mobile app to stay in contact as updates, team information and general information will be shared through that.  

 If you have questions, concerns or complaints you can email us or call Arielle Leonard directly at (508) 237-7089

You can email us at Lowercapebluefins@msn.com

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